Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Modern Minimalist House Design

Modern home is certainly rampant in modern times especially today .Many people are competing to build homes with modern design as well.
Before you wants to build a house, you certainly will choose a good design for your home by doing some planning design a home that suits your tastes and flavors.
Modern minimalist design is a simple minimalist design is simple but modern. The structure is simple but still look elegant, beautiful and pleasing to the eye.
When we review the appearance of the house, some people who said that they prefer the appearance of one level house. However, many also said that they see a modern minimalist design house two floors look more stately and handsome. There are no wrong or right of the inequality perspective.
It's just an issue with any architectural tastes. However, it is not that we will be talking about here. We will try to review the advantages and disadvantages of a minimalist home is divided over two floors. As well as we're talking about is not appetizing.The advantages of modern minimalist design house 2 floors
1. Purposes smaller place
Let's look at the purpose of a house with two floors and compared with one-story house for trouble spots. The limited land and high land prices marvelous often makes us unable to buy large tracts of land. This is why most people will wake storey house in a small place. When we build a house of 200 mtr. square with multilevel way, so we do not need more land than 200 mtr. such as home square one level. We can build a house measuring just above where it was at 120 mtr .. As well as dividing 100 mtr. square on the lower floors and 100 mtr. square on the top floor.
2. Cleavage space to gain more flexibility privacy
We can build a house as planned shop where the first floor and 2nd floor have purposes that are not the same. The first floor is used for business purposes as well as floor-to-2 used for domestic purposes. This division is prime for those who often receive guests.
The first floor can be made in place of the more common such as living room, family rruang rooms, kitchen, dining room and garage. Shortly upstairs bedrooms made. Thus, although many guests come to the house, personal activities can always be driven without any problems on the upper floor.Shortage of modern minimalist design house 2 floors
1. Stairs can be risky and tiring
Parents and children are most definitely going to feel the danger of the ladder. Especially if the parents have the most problems in the knees and legs, so up and down stairs will feel more troublesome and tiresome. Not to mention when it separates the sleeping room stairs to the other side of the house, which surely must daily up and down the stairs many times.
2. The tone between floors may be translucent
The tone at the top floor to the bottom often heard, especially when upstairs wearing wooden floors. The tone is often heard as far down despite having been given the distances are at least 12 inches between the 2nd floor it. Until when under the middle of an usher and there were kids running around upstairs, a tone will sound and can be annoying.
Some examples of minimalist design Modern


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