Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Adventures in a Magazine Feature!

Greetings, sweet friends!

The boxes are being unpacked and our house is finally beginning to feel like home!  Of course, we have a WAYS to go, but, at least I can see the finish line (well, sorta)!

Admittedly, I still miss our home in SC terribly, but was SOOO very excited to get copies of "Decorating Shortcuts" magazine today, a national publication, where our home has been featured ((*pinch me*))!  This is truly a dream come true for little ol' me and such a wonderful memento of our home in SC that we'll have forever!

I still can't believe that's our *former* humble abode splashed across 8 pages!

Thank you to Gridley + Graves Photographers for the beautiful pictures and Charlotte Safavi for the great article.  Annnnd, a huge thank you to my sweet husband and son for letting me decorate and redecorate our home ... again ... and again ... and a-GAIN, without too much fuss!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Monday, 28 July 2014

My Rain Drenched Garden!!

Life is full of beauty. Specially in rains. Feel it.....rain is grace....!!
And when I look at my rain drenched garden feeling is inexplicable....smell of wet soil, raindrops on
flowers, garden that appears lush and green, pretty blooms knelt and lay lodged due to heavy showers and then they rise and smile when Sun peeks from the clouds. It's beautiful sight.
Sharing some pictures of my rain drenched garden..........

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Don't you love my yellow fairy lily and my Bani Thani pot....I love looking at them and it adds dash of yellow in my all pink garden.

Balcony Garden

Love those raindrops making Vinca look even more beautiful.

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

9 O'clock in different colour. It blends perfectly with the colour of planter.

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Stay tuned for some exciting news coming up next in my blog!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Can you say - Salvage Yard?

I really Did It! I got to go to a real salvage place! You know, the kind you see on TV. The kind with all the cool stuff that you want to take home and transform for your home.

This one was found by my Hubby in St. Louis called Fellenz. It's full to the roof of architectural artifacts! This is what you see when you drive up. Iron gates that when peeked over, rows of fireplace mantels.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Decor Ideas For Dining Room

Dining room is a place where after a long tiring day you meet with your family, eat food together, converse and also entertain your guests.
 So this room should be decorated in a pleasing and inviting way, after all your home speaks about you !! So let me share some quick and easy ideas to give a new look to your dining room. 

Walls in dining room can suddenly change the look of room .....Agree!! So it should be done very carefully. First determine the color scheme. Creating a focal point is in trend so go for it, you can do so by creating a textured wall. Paint one wall in bright and bold color and rest of the three walls in lighter and similar shade. Wallpaper is an another good idea to spice up the wall. Just check out the bold colour used on walls in below picture. 

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Add height to dining room by hanging plush curtains just near the ceiling. Choose color and pattern of curtains according to theme.

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here

Paintings on wall either single or in cluster is always a best option to add instant drama. Relaxing and calming paintings will do a wonder.

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here

One large mirror or cluster of small mirrors can not only adds the beauty to space but also creates an illusion of bigger space. 

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Hang a pendent light over the dining table for contemporary look or chandelier for traditional look and light will reflect from mirror hung on the wall to make space look even more brighter.

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here

Placing a glass top dining table near windows has its own advantage. Glass windows invite sunshine into the space, and are echoed in the glass-topped table to make your dining room look magnetic. Round dining table is a best option for small spaces. It encourages conversation and gives a cozy feel. 

Dining Room  Decor Idea
Image Source: Click Here

Keep a shelve or a cabinet to store  accessories, crockery, napkins etc. This way you can not only organize stuff but also can enhance the beauty of dining room by putting lamps and flower vase on this cabinet/shelve or you can display your beautiful collection of crockery. To add drama paint the wall of cabinet in some bright colour. 

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Make most of the material spill proof in the dining room to keep it neat and clean. Accessorize dining table with candles, vases or basket full of fruits for touch of elegance and to keep 

Dining Room Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
These are the few simple tips though it doesn't stop here use your creativity, go beyond imagination and achieve the desired look for your dining room. Happy decorating!!! In case you have missed earlier posts on decorating your home find them by clicking here

Monday, 21 July 2014

I chose RED!

As I was walking the aisles at JoAnn Fabric's I was amazed at all the selection of outdoor fabrics...

In all colors...

In all designs...

A Whole aisle dedicated just to this kind of fabric!

That got me to thinking...

It's time for a change!

My white iron chair that sits on my front porch is faded (see below). I think I upholstered it back in 2011 and since it's a covered porch, it

A Change of Zip Codes

Helloooooo "elloooo ... elloooo" ((*echoes*)).  Is anybody out there?!  

It's me ... the queen of blog neglect!  I've missed my little ol' blog and connecting with all of you ... but, lately, all I've had to share are boxes ... upon boxes ... upon BOXES!  Who wants to see that ?!  If I never see another box again, it will be "too" soon!

Yes, my little and family and I moved back to my home state of Virginia two weeks ago!  My husband was offered a position within his company that was too good to pass up, even if it meant we had to relocate.  Soooo, up went the "For Sale" sign in our yard scattered with palm trees in South Carolina, and we prayed it wouldn't take too long to sell our home!  Thankfully, it only took a few months.

So, please say hello to our new casa!  I "virtually" watched this home being built from the ground up over the last few months ... even though I loved it, we didn't want to sign a contract on another home until we had a solid contract on our own.  When we were in a position to sign away, I couldn't believe this beauty was ready to go and still available.  I guess it was simply meant to be!

Admittedly, we're still getting used to stairs again having gone from a one level to a three level home.  Yes, it makes moving furniture around on a whim a bit daunting, for sure!

I love our new kitchen ... but, of course, I've already painted our island and getting ready to slap some paint on the cabinets, too (sure you're not surprised) ... can't wait to show you the transformation!

Here's the little sunroom off the kitchen while it was under construction ... I look forward to sharing with you what it looks like now! 

SOMEday we'll beef up the fireplace mantel in the great room similar to what we had in our home in SC!  For now ... I'll have fun styling this one!

While we stuck with my favorite "Manchester Tan" for most of the main rooms and hallways, we decided to go a bit darker in the dining room and am loving Ben Moore's "Perfect Greige" in there! Now, to just mount the shelves!

I hope you all will keep me company while we transform our new house into our "home."

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Part II - Missouri Botanical Garden!

I hope that you didn't miss my Part I of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, but it you did, you can see them HERE.

To refrensh your memory, Hubby and I visited St. Louis on the 4th of July with a mini vacation and I have got to tell you, after seeing these stunning urns filled with succlents, I wanted to come home and make one for my yard! Just absolutely 2-die-4!!!

These graced each side of

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Part I - Missouri Botanical Garden!

On the 4th of July we decided to drive the two and a half hours south to St. Louis and go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. We had been there before but it was at least 11 years prior. Our area had a cool front that came though so the day was beautiful.

Founded in 1859 by Henry Shaw, the botanical garden is the oldest in continuous operation in the US!

This huge blue glass chandelier above

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

She had me at HELLO!








I did not need a dresser, nor did I need another project, but just look at it! How could I pass this up?

Actually, it started out like this below. Yes, the paint was peeling and a knob would not stay in and the back decorative piece was missing...but

They said that it was a family piece that came from England and it's solid

Amparo Museum. Puebla | Mexico.

One evening during our trip to Puebla, Mexico in December last year we walked the beautiful cobble streets to reach Amparo Museum

This historical museum is housed in two 17th & 18th centuries colonial-era buildings.

This not-to-be missed historical museum has a permanent collection that traces Mexico’s development over its history. It has the most important collections of pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern art in Mexico.

The collection contains jars, figures, steles, altars, sculptures and utensils, from the Teotihuacan, Zapotec, Huasteca, Totonac, Maya, Olmec, Chichimeca, Mixtec and Aztec civilisations.

After taking in the fascinating information of Mexican history in the museum, we reached the top floor of the colonial building and were blown away by the beauty of this historical town.

The top floor of the Amparo Museum which has a roof top cafe is done up in a uber modern style with huge glass walls which almost seem to frame the colonial buildings of Puebla.

The setting sun cast an orange glow on the cathedrals and colonials building surrounding the museum.

We sat down with our cups of warm beverages to take in the beauty of this historical town of Puebla, listening to the evening chimes from the church bells.


Looking down from the roof top cafe at Amparo Museum.

If you find yourself in Mexico. Do make a trip to Puebla and Amparo Museum, you won't be disappointed!

(Images by Arch)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Inspired Sign!

I have this blog to, not only show you transformations,

But to INSPIRE you!

Because YOU can do it too!

Recently, I was inspired by Claire at The Rustic Pig with her ironing board Welcome sign.

All I really needed was an old ironing board. So I patiently waited for one to come across my path.

GOD always provides!

This was a really quick and simple project with a WOW result. I

Trash To Treasure Decorating

What can be more satisfying than reusing and recycling!!!
To me it feels great when I give new lease of life to stuff that is no longer useful or has become trash. So what do you need to turn that trash into treasure!! Well it's just a creativity and imagination. It not only saves money but gives new life to an old & dying objects.
Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Use old furniture: You can upcycle or repurpose your old furiniture in many ways.
Turn headboard into a nice outdoor bench with some carpentry work. Old door can be used as a wall panel that has sconce fit on it and can be placed either side of the bed. Making shelves out of old door is a very smart and useful way to reuse.

Old Door Turned Into Bench, Shelf, Wall Panel
Image Source: 1. Via 2 Via, 3 Via
Cable spool can be turned into a nice breakfast table. Just give it a fresh coat of paint and put glass cut in circle shape on it.
An old table can serve as a dresser you just need to add a mirror and drawers.
While old dresser can be used as a bathroom vanity.
Worn out furniture can easily be given new look by painting them in some new color.
Sometimes replacing old upholstery with new one gives a whole new look to the place.
Sewing machine works well as a desk or nightstand. Old ladder can serve as a towel hanger in bathroom. A photo frame can be used as a tray.

Repurposing, Recycling
Image Source: 1 Via, 2 Via, 3 Via

Use Old Crockery & Utensils: Are you bored of your old kitchenware then repurpose them and you will start loving them all over again.
Old teapot makes a very beautiful planter grow succulent in it and it looks lovely placed on center table. A wonderful way to transform teapots is to make a bedside lamp of it. Stack teapots or some cups then install shade and wiring on the top of the stack. Needs some skills though.

Teapot Lamp and Planter
Image Source: 1 Via, 2 Via, 3 Via
Empty mason jars (Jem/jelly jars) have umpteen number of uses. Use them as votive/candle holder, vase, pen/brush holder, chandelier and liquid soap dispenser.

Recycling Ideas
Image: Mine
Spoons bent and nailed on a wooden panel can serve as a tea light holders and create warm and welcoming ambiance. Whereas forks bent and nailed can work as hooks. Colander can make a very beautiful pendant light. Paint those big old metal trays and hang them on wall to work as magnetic message board. 
If you are not using your frying pans/skillets then think something different paint them, drill a hole in the center and install clock mechanism it will make a lovely clock for your kitchen.

Repurposed Spoon, Colander, Tray, Frying Pan
Image Source: 1 Via, 2 Via, 3 Via, 4 Via

Use old Clothing: Before donating your old clothing wait a minute and think you can turn them into fabulous home decor items.
Make a beautiful cushion cover out of old shirt or embroidered kurta.
If you have some fancy and colorful cloth then you can cover old photo frame with it to give it a totally new look.
Several old colorful fabrics sewed together can make a beautiful quilt. A rag rug can also be woven with these fabrics for adding instant drama to your room.
Old shawls or duppata can be turned into an eye catching wall hanging by adding some beads or stones.

Some other stuff: 
There are many other objects that can be turned into something useful and beautiful. Use old newspapers to weave a basket or tray to keep on center table. You can make newspaper wind chime to hang in garden or make coasters to surprise your guests. Cut 8"-10" broad stripes of newspaper, roll them with the help of round thin stick and glue the end. Now start weaving until your desired shape ans size is achieved. Paint it in acrylic color of your choice and then apply varnish. It looks same as wicker basket and strong enough to hold some fruits, flowers of light home decor accessories. For complete tutorial on newspaper tray click here and for newspaper wind chime click here

Newspaper Wind Chime, Decorative Tray, Coasters
Image: Mine

Empty soft drink cans can be reused or upcycled in many ways like as a vase, pen/brush holder, planter, wall sconces and candles.
Old tires painted in bright colors make beautiful hanging as well as garden planter. One more use is turn it into ottoman with little creativity, put hardboard or ply on one side and attach legs on the other side, glue twine or rope all around it.
Even coconut shell and plastic bottles can be turned into a hanging planter.

Image: Mine
Have you ever turned some drab into let me know. Would love to see it or may be you will be featured here on 3D :)))
Everything around you has more than one purpose. Use your imaginations and creativity to create best out of the waste. Happy Decorating!!