Thursday, 27 February 2014

It's All In The Family

This post is being written from my heart to my son.
                      This is about his family,
                                                 his ties,
                                                          his family history.

            It's about these quilt blocks!

Back in 1981, when I was pregnant with my son, my husband's Grandmother, Eva Jackson Kelly asked me to

Monday, 24 February 2014

I Won!!

Yay!! I won a very beautiful and intricate Kalamkari art print. 
The moment I saw the print I just wanted it. It's beautiful.
Wanna see the print. Here it is...

GajaLakshmi Kalamkari
Image Source: Hues n Shades

Deepa of Hues n Shades is running a series of amazing giveaways. In case you haven't participated yet please hop over to her blog and check out the beautiful stuff that she is giving away. Three giveaways are already done. Don't miss the fourth one click here to participate.

Thanks Deepa for beautiful GajaLakshmi kalamkari art print. I am loving it!!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's all about the DeTaiLs ~ Chair!

Chair Back

It truly is 

All about the details

Especially when you

Are talking about


Here is the chair Before I got my hands on it. It really needed some love, don't you think?

First, I must tell you that I am self taught when it comes to upholstery. I thought I had a picture of this chair in the 'naked' state of wood but can't find it :(

Second, I watched

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

White Teapot Crystal Lamp!

The best thing about Winter for me is, that I am able to stay in out of the cold and create! This peticular day, I decdied to combine a tired looking vintage crystal lamp with ceramic teacup, saucer and teapot.

 I took the old crystal lamp apart and cleaned all the pieces.

You just don't realize how easy it is to drill holes in ceramic and glass with a special drill bit that you can

Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Hand Painted Tray!!

An elephant's picture on packing of incense stick caught my fancy
 and the moment I saw it I wanted to paint it somewhere. 
I painted it on a plastic tray and put all my imagination and creativity to make it look different from what is available easily in the market. How I did it..I chose a bit different color combination, motif and intricate design that reflect true essence of India.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

When I started 'Indian Art' series and 'Indian Textile' series on my blog I read a lot about different art forms and textile and was intrigued by the beauty of all art forms and textile around the world. I was determined that I will try my hand on each one of them whether it is art or textile. I have tried art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Tangle art, Tye-die pattern on terracotta figurine and  now I am trying to paint textile patterns like Ikat, Kilim, Block printing, Kanjivaram and here is one that recently I painted..... Suzani on my elephant. Doesn't it look wonderful. I liked the combination of sienna, pink, black and white.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

An year ago I saw a cabinet painted in Suzani pattern and I was inspired to do something like that. So I came up with this idea with my personal touch of course.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

I loved the way this tray has turned out. Intricate work that is done with lot of patience.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

Leaving you with some more images.............

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

Let me know how do you like it :) Working on some more interesting projects so stay tuned!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Give me more Light!

My sewing room is an itty-bitty room 
                                  that is under the stairs in the basement
                                                                              and I just love it!

I have a built in wall unit that keeps me organized
               and I built a doll house, sans the inside, to cover my sewing machine when not in use!

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Pooja Ajmera

So it's time again to meet inspiring and talented artist. 
Introducing you to a girl who creates magic with her "Teekhii Chhurii". Readers please welcome Pooja Ajmera, a paper cutting artist and founder of 'Teekhii Chhurii'. You will be amazed to know that she left her corporate career and followed her heart, her passion for art of paper cutting(Sanjhi). 

Paper Cut

Warm welcome on 3D Pooja, I am very happy to have you here. We are desperately waiting to know more about you and your artwork.
Thanks for having me here. I am a paper cutting artist who started Teekhii Chhurii, where I create one-of-a-kind artwork.

I haven't come across this kind of art before. Will you please enlighten me on this. 
Paper cutting is an art form which is very slow unlike everything else in today’s world. It requires tons of concentration and patience. The paper is hand cut and designs come to alive. I am also trying to revive a dying art form of India called Sanjhi.

Papercut Vintage Key

I am glad to know Pooja that you are trying to keep the age old art form alive. Being an artist I can understand that art is a passion for an artist. So when was the first time you came across this art and how it became your passion.
I knew about paper cutting since sometime before starting with Teekhii Chhurii but had never really tried my hands at it. So this one day, when I had to gift a birthday present to my sis-in-law, I thought of creating something unique for her rather than picking just one of the things available at shelf in the stores. I made a papercut out of the design that was there on my bedspread that day and then after finishing it, I created one more design and then one more design and it went on for few days when I realized, this is something which I want to for rest of my life. It was a AH-HA moment for me!

So this is how destiny knocked on your door :)
Share your experience when you finished the very first project, were you completely satisfied with the result, did you find any difficulty cutting the paper in desired shape and pattern for the first time.
When I made my first papercut, I was so happy with it. I was amazed and didn't know I have so much of patience within me. Since it was the first time, of-course it was difficult to cut it as I didn't know the do’s and don’ts of the art. But yes, anything done with love is bound to look great. That art piece adorns the wall of my sis-in-law’s house now.

What are your tools that you use for creating such beautiful master pieces. What are the challenges you face as you work with sharp objects. What are the safety measures you use.
The tools used for paper cutting are very simple. I just use a pencil, a knife, a mat and a single sheet of paper. The only caution to be taken is to be a little careful while using the blade or you might end up cutting your finger.

Paper Cut Rose

If you look back at the year when you started paper cutting how long have you come and how has been your journey so far. 
It’s hardly been time, so I can’t really call it a journey but yes, it has been like a ride of roller coaster which was full of ups and downs and I am happy it was that way or else what is the fun when life just goes on a plain road without any turns and hurdles. It has been a good experience so far where I met and interacted with so many good people who cherish the work I do and support and encourage me to move ahead.

Paper Cut Auto Rickshaw

True that hurdles in life come to make us even better.
You have created so many wonderful art pieces. Which one is your favorite and why.
All the papercuts I create have a hidden story behind them and hence they are all so close to my heart and sometimes I find it really difficult to let the artwork go. It is extremely hard for me to choose the best one that I made till date because I put my heart and soul in each paper cut I create and only after I am completely satisfied I get them framed.

Other than paper passion what excites you and you love to do in your spare time. 
I love to learn new things. But paper cutting is a very time consuming art form. It requires lots of time to create a single piece. So frankly I am hardly left with time to practice and do different things. As I work on weekends and on all holidays too! I recently learnt tarot card reading and that is taking up all my spare time lately. So sometimes its music, sometimes its jogging or sometimes painting..anything that interests me.

Paper Cut

You have some amazing pieces of artwork. Can you share where one can see and buy your artwork. 
As of now, some of my work is there on my facebook page – Teekhii Chhurii. People can message me on facebook or drop a email at and the rest will be taken care of.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists and I would love if you say a word or two for my readers also.
All I would like to say is, "Dare to dream and follow your passion. There are no substitutes to hard work. Success will come sooner or later".

Thank you Pooja that's a beautiful mantra of successful and happy life. Thanks for taking time out for us and letting us know about this beautiful art form. I wish you a great success ahead!!

Folks have a look of her art work on her Facebook page and you will be spellbound. Leave a word or two here in comment section to let her know what do you think of her art work.
In case you missed earlier post on Inspiring Eminent Artists Click here to read. Wish you a lovely and creative weekend ahead!!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Our Valentine Kitchen

Raise your hand if you're ready for Spring!  Hopefully, March will be here before we know it and bring warmer temps along with it!

And, before Valentine's Day comes and goes, I wanted to share our little ol' red and white kitchen.

I decided to "retire" the Valentine tree on the island that I've decorated the past couple of years and opted for something a bit more simple this year by just hanging a few ornaments on faux floral branches:

Glass apothecary jars are my favorite place to "showcase" anything, including these "2 cool" plastic hearts (from Michael's):

Inexpensive Valentine cookie cutters provide a fun pop of color to an otherwise plain canister:

If there's one thing that isn't "faux," it's the candy, which my son has been more than happy to empty a couple of times!  That's why there's only ONE apothecary jar sharing real treats!

Since I'm NOT an avid baker, these cute cupcake liners are better off being showcased, rather than actually used!

The pretty red/white plates I recently scooped up from Home Goods have fit in perfectly with our red/white Valentine kitchen decor!

Our breakfast table got a little hint of Valentine with more faux tulips from Michael's ... pretty soon, I'll "pluck" the red and pink ones so that only the white ones are left for Spring, which I hope gets here soon!

But, until those warmer temps greet us, I'll be tackling lots of yucky organizing projects inside!

Stay warm and dry and thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Quirky Decorating Ideas

Decorating is definitely not a rocket science.
 You don't need to buy big pieces and everything new. If you want to decorate your home in a quick and easy way here are some tips to fulfill your desire for that dream home.

1. The very first thing to start with is unclutter, clear the clutter and your space will look brighter and well arranged. Clutter in any room makes it appear messy and small. Clearing the clutter and placing things in proper way makes a room look bigger and brighter.

Quick Decorating Ideas
Image Courtesy: Click Here

2. The easiest way to make your home look new, fresh and beautiful in record time is rearranging the furniture. Place furniture in an unconventional way to give a completely new look to a room. Move seating arrangement away from the wall for intimate and cozy seating. I rearranged my living room and got a completely new look. You can see that transformation here.

Living Room
Image: Mine
3. Putting slipcovers on furniture make them look new and can change overall appearance of the room.
4. Update curtains and draperies. Choose the right color according to theme and furniture in the room.
5. Changing a theme or style of the decor in a particular room is also an easiest and quick way to cheer up the space. To choose or pick a style read this post.
6. Change the pictures and artwork all around your place. Try matching either color or theme of the paintings. Changing accessories can make a lot of difference. Its a quick and easy way to decorate your space.

Living Room
Image Courtesy: Click Here
7. Add texture and pattern to a room by placing some nice area rug or beautiful cushions. It instantly lift the lost charm of a room.
8. Painting just one wall in a room certainly adds a lot of character and drama to the place. Put up some nice artwork and you are done.
9. Sometimes changing indoor plants can also do the trick. Replace palm with fern or some flowering plant or vice versa and see the difference.
10. One more easy and quirky way to decorate home is give those old lampshades a new look by painting them or adding nice lace to them. 

Just follow these tips and your home will be pleasant and welcoming.
Happy Decorating!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Arch Window Find!

You know the feeling...

    When you come upon something...

                      That takes your breath away.

When that happens...

                   I know that I have to let go of something....

                                   I let go of this bookcase, because I have a gorgeous new French china hutch that is going to house my Great-Grandmother's china (to be seen in a later

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Furniture Dance!

If you are a follower, you will have noted that I just shared THIS post on my Stairwell Reveal! Which brought on...New carpet and padding. So this is the domino effect!

What brings on new carpet and pad?

 The complete emptying out of each bedroom! Including closets because there is carpet in closets!

 What a cleansing production that was. 


With that brings changes. Getting rid of

Know Your Decorating Style

Decorate your home. 
It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.
-Charles M Schulz

We all want to transform our house into home. Decorating in a style plays an important role in this transformation. Learn about the most popular interior design styles. Lets discover your decor style.

Contemporary/Modern Style: Straight lines, Clean edges, bold colors, uncluttered, minimal furnishings, clean lined furniture,floors should be bare and smooth, furnishings should blend with the wall color rather than contrast, all these are characteristics of contemporary style decorating. 'Less is more' is the main rule while doing up home in Contemporary style. This style promotes serenity and simplicity to your home. It can be very comfortable and at the same time very stylish one.

Contemporary Decor
Image Courtesy: Click Here

Vintage/Retro Style: Decorating style that is inspired and influenced by trends from the past i.e. 50's 60's & 70's. Little worn and vintage furniture that looks dated, broad sofas with colorful pillows, shag carpeting or linoleum tiles in checkerboard pattern, bold color theme, lamps with tasseled or lacy shades, vintage accessories, patterned and lacy fabric for furnishings, floral print artwork in a vintage style frame, vintage pottery, glassware and  statuary, wallpaper with floral pattern & display of vintage items on shelves. All these  are elements of retro style decorating.

Image Courtesy: Click Here

Traditional Style: Traditional style is timeless decorating style that is very calm, inviting, comfortable, orderly, casual and uncluttered. Main feature of this design style is consistency. For walls there should be moldings or rails and wall colors should be neutral, color scheme is lighter for walls and deeper color for  upholstery,  wooden flooring with carpets/rugs, furniture with good combination of curved and straight lines, placement of furniture in pairs and should be symmetrical, furnishing are classic, fabric mainly Damask and floral/understated stripes/small overall pattern are common, lighting fixture should be  classic, silky lamp shades, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces & candles all these can be used. Accessorize traditional style home with, mirrors, vase, urns, lamps, oil paintings, crystal chandelier. But keep in mind use accessories in pairs and arrange them in symmetry to achieve traditional look for your home.

Traditional Decor
Image Courtesy: Click Here

Rustic Style: Rustic decorating style is very close to nature. Wood in its natural state, unfinished & rough looking (i.e. without paint and sheen) is the main element of this style. Wall with wooden panel, plank wood floor, weathered ceiling beams, wall color in muted earthy tones, furniture in dark tone contrasting to wall color, fabric should be rough burlap, wool or linen, fireplace is a must for rustic style and put rocking chairs in front of it, large floor lamps and hanging lights specially of wrought iron/ distressed metal, accessorize rustic style home with all natural elements like river rocks, pine cone, twigs, dried leaves, animal head, rustic clock, landscape prints and naturalistic paintings add all these elements to achieve the look of rustic style home.

Rustic Decor
Image Courtesy: Click Here

Eclectic Style: This one is my favorite as I don't want to stick to a single decor style. If you don't want to adhere to any particular decorating style this is the style for you. This style is a perfect mix of various periods and styles. Gather elements from different styles that all work together. Here's is how to pick elements: color palette neutral, wall and floor in same hue, all the furniture line, finishes and material should tie together with paint or fabric, furnishing in neutral color and add to it colored trim, tassels or fringe, uncluttered, good mix of old and new,  unique artwork and accessories from different styles but put together cohesively.

Eclectic Decor
Image Courtesy: Click Here
Eclectic Decor
Image Courtesy: Click Here
Pick decorating style according to your taste and personality and follow these simple tips to achieve that look.
Happy Decorating Folks!!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Our Valentine Mantel

Greetings, friends!

Can you believe we're already into February?!  It seems like Christmas was just "yesterday!"  As soon as our Christmas decorations came down, our Valentine decor went up ... it's fun being able to continue the splashes of red to celebrate the month of "love!"

I wanted to share our Valentine mantel before it's time to transition to an Easter/Spring one.

Nothing too fancy ... and, I mostly used things that I had on hand, with the *little* exception of a few, new purchases ... like this fun, shiny heart wreath (from Michael's):

And, since I decided not to decorate a Valentine tree this year on our kitchen island, I used the heart garland (from Michael's) on the mantel, instead!

I was even able to use our silver, Christmas votives ... "love, hope and cherish" ... those words seem fitting for Valentine's Day, too, don't they?

Both glittery and felt hearts nestle a small candle ...

Annnnd, nothing blooms more beautifully than faux tulips from Michael's:

These matching red, "chippy" orbs simply *had* to jump in my cart when I was at HomeGoods this past Fall!  I see these two traveling all over our home (both inside and out)!

A warm fire and a small string of white Christmas lights help give it just a little bit of ambiance at night time ...

All you need is love, right?

Thanks for stopping by,

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